A  parental aprroch to the students is essential who are away from their home. Such an affable atmosphere, that is, a home away from home, is being provided in the hostels.Seperate hostels for boys & girls with basic modern amenities & facilities are available in the campus.The winsome items of vegetarian food are provided.Health care facilities are also available in the hostel itself.


The college library was setup in 2000 and renewed in 2012. Today we are having lots of books, magazines, journals, news papers and tutorials with addition of e-resources as well. Growth of the library collections has been in tune with the growing needs of college.
College Library has been playing a very significant role in the Educational Process and it is heart of the institution. Library provides knowledge resources to achieve objectives of the institution and helps in conservation as well as dissemination of knowledge. Our College Library performs a variety of functions by the way of collecting information, processing and retrieving the relevant information, helping the students and faculty with text books, reference books and journals, as well as by maintaining an efficient reference and information service, providing Internet facility and Multimedia facility.
Our College providing facility of downloading syllabus, notes, journals, Specific subject related documents.
Under this programme we have been provided access to information by the students anywhere as per needs.
Reading Room Facility
The Reading Room and foyer space has a seating capacity of almost 50 students. Silent and cool environment boost student to seat and learn for long time without disturbance.


College Campus Canteen

The college has a in-campus canteen facility providing hygienic snacks at reasonable rates. Students may also use the Hostel mess facilities for lunch by paying monthly charges.


Computer Lab

The college have computer lab. It provides all the necessary training, education and technological support to students in homoeopathic software. Internet browsing facility is also provided to students.