Kalpataru Samajseva Mitra Mandal's


Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik.
Dhanvantari Campus, Kamatwade, Cidco, Nashik-422 008

Criterion 8. Homoeopathy College

Criterion 8. Homoeopathy College

8.1.1 Institution provides trainning for students and teachers in Homeopathic Practice Ethics. Provide a description within 500 words.

8.1.2 Average percentage of full time teachers who have undergone orientation training in Pharmcovigilence /NAMSTP /NABH / Other quality training in the last five years.

8.1.3 Describe the standard Inspection Control Policy and the practices followed by the Institution within 500 words.

8.1.4 The measures taken by the Institution to provide foundation courses in disciplines like the Humanities, Behavioral Sciences etc. Provide description within 500 words.

8.1.5 The Institution uses methods including software for training of students and teachers in Homoeopathic Clinical Decision making and Medicine Selection, (Provide description within 500 words)

8.1.6 The students are exposed to the requirments of The Clinical Establishments Act (Registraion and Regulation ) 2010 as applied to Homoeopathy.

8.1.9 Provision has been made to provide comprehensive student trainning in General, Exclusive Clinics, Research and in facilities for speciality tratments

8.1.10 Is the teaching hospital / laboratory accredited by any National Accrediting Agency / Agencies?

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