Kalpataru Samajseva Mitra Mandal's


Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik.
Dhanvantari Campus, Kamatwade, Cidco, Nashik-422 008

Criterion 5: Student Support and Progression (120)

5.1 Student Support (45)

5.1.1 Average percentage of students benefited by scholarships/ freeships / fee-waivers by Government / Non Governmental agencies /Institution during the last five years.

5.1.2 Capability enhancement and development schemes employed by the Institution for students.

5.1.3 Average percentage of students provided training and guidance for competitive examinations and dcareer counselling offered by the Institution during the last five years.

5.1.4 The Institution has an active international student cell to facilitate studey in India program etc.;

5.1.5 The Institution has transperant mechanism for timely redressal of student grievances/ prevention of sexual harassment /prevention of ragging.

5.2 Student Progression (40)

5.2.1 Average percentage of students qualifyinjg in state/ national /international level examinations (eg: GATE/GMAT/GPAT /CAT / NEET / GRE/ TOEFL/ PLSB/ UDMLR/SYUDH/ Civil Services/ Defence / UPSC/ State Government examinations / AIIMSPGET, JIPMER Entrance Test, PGIMER Entrance Test etc.,) during the last five years.

5.2.2 Average percentage of placement /self-employment (in relevant field) in professional services of outgoing students during the last five years.

5.2.3 Percentage of the batch of graduated students of the preceading year, who have progressed to higher education

5.3 Student Participatino and Activities (25)

5.3.1 Number of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/ cultural activities at State / Regional (zonal) National / International levels (awards for a team event should be counted as one) during the last five years.

5.3.2 Presence of a Student Council, its activities related to student weifare and student representation in academic & administrative bodies / committees of the Institution.

5.3.3 Average numbre of sports and cultural activities /competitions orgnised by the Institution during the last five years.

5.4 Alumni Engagement (10)

5.4.1 The Alumni Association is registered and holds regular meetings to plan its invovement and de3velopmental activates with the support of the college during the last five years

5.4.2 Provide the areas of contribution by the Alumni Association / Chapters during the last five years.

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